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Platform & Flow Control Behaviors

For Construct 2

Platform v1.08, Flow v1.08

Try out a demo of the behavior here.

These two plugins are helper plugins for Box2D+.  The Box2D+ behavior is required for both of these plugins to work.

Get Box2D+ from here.  
Please visit the Forum for more info.

Box2D+ Platform Behavior

The Box2D+ Platform gives you actions, conditions and expressions that you would expect from any good platform behavior.  These include jump sustain, air-jumping (multiple or none), wall climbing and an edge behavior (where you can decide what the player does when overlapping an edge - step back, fall off, etc).  Add this behavior to an object with Box2D+ to make the object behave like a platform player.  

Box2D+ Flow Behavior

Use this helper behavior by adding it to objects with the Box2D+ behavior to make them into walls and floors with special properties.  It gives you control of the flow of the player object - one-way doors, jump-through ceilings and fall-through floors.  It also gives you the option of enabling the player to wall climb.  The Flow Control behavior is not required for normal floor objects.  

See the instructions for more details on how to use these plugins.


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